We transform you into the advocate your child needs.

Our expert support and personalized recommendations empower you to communicate effectively with your child’s school so that your child can thrive.

Our brand promise

We build student opportunities to learn by empowering both parents and students with knowledge of educational systems, tools to be effective within those systems and an understanding of learning strategies that are most suited to the student.

We help families access the power of education by breaking down the barriers of the educational system and providing them with the tools to effectively advocate for their child within those systems. We work with families as their personal guide to create an understanding of learning strategies that are most suited to each student.

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We believe

That schools, students and parents are allies with disparate skill sets and knowledge which they contribute to pursuing the shared goal of seeing students thrive. By recognizing & leveraging the expertise of each member of that team, we can improve students’ learning experience and ultimately play a role in realizing schools’ democratic proposition of access to an appropriate public education for all children.


Our ultimate goal

To create positive learning opportunities for students within their schools by facilitating communication, increasing advocacy and providing tailored educational solutions for diverse learners.

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Our Pillars

High Expectations

We believe in the intrinsic potential of all of our students, the skill of educators and the deep understanding parents have of their children. Our approach to fostering student success is to give each of those actors the tools they need to bring their full skill set to the process of student learning.


Education occurs in all areas of a child’s life and throughout their full day; to that end, people from each part of the student’s life and the student themself need to work together in pursuit of the best outcomes. When we are part of a student’s team, we encourage feedback for all parties, including us, at every turn and actively engage in the honest evaluation of ideas and outcomes so as to maximize student learning.


Students bring diverse needs, strengths and interests to the learning process which makes it imperative that every learning encounter be tailored to the individual. We approach our work without assumptions and invite creativity to the process of meeting students where they are and pushing them to fulfill their potential.

What My clients are saying

I’ve worked in education with Jenna for 15 years. To date, she is one of the most committed, determined, never-give-up educators I’ve ever had the pleasure of working alongside of. Jenna has a gift for getting to know her students and their families well so that she can fully understand the strengths and challenges that each individual student brings with them. Seeing students as whole people, Jenna is determined to identify resources and supports to help her students succeed.

Sarah Marcy

Principal, Bronx Lab School

After talking with Jenna, I had a better understanding of what an IEP is, why it’s worth pursuing for my daughter, and the steps I need to take to get one in place.

Having Jenna as I tackle this process, and as I run into more questions, is invaluable as she provides the insight and clarification that I need along the way. Jenna has helped my daughter succeed by giving me the tools and the language that I need to communicate with the school from now (3rd grade) until graduation. I can’t imagine trying to do this on my own without her!


Mom to 2 girls 9 & 5

For years I have tried to help my child consistently succeed in school and kept coming across the same roadblocks. I finally made the decision to hire someone and was lucky enough to meet Jenna Prada! Jenna gave us hope and was able to teach my child how to organize and plan school work in a way that made him feel successful and in control. The more successful he felt the more motivated he became. Jenna has been there every step of the way cultivating a specific plan that worked for my child and was always there offering a new solution if something did not work for him. I believe the skills that Jenna is teaching my child will benefit him for a lifetime.


Mom to sophomore boy


Accommodations Consultation

After reading hundreds of 504s, IEPs and educational psychological evaluations and personally participating in dozens of planning meetings at the school level, we know that – despite the participants’ best interests – the accommodations students receive are rarely as personalized and effective as intended.

Consultations include the following:

  • Full review of any documentation that parents can provide including, but not limited to, current IEPs, 504s and evaluations, report cards, and notes from teachers.
  • Explanation of special education terminology and services that are available.
  • Discussion of the goals you have for your child and how schools can truly support those goals
  • Proposal of specific accommodations to bring up at Committee on Special Education (CSE) meeting.
  • Advice about next steps
  • Written summary of all of the above which you can refer to when meeting with your child’s school

Home Strategies Program

All of the parents I work with are tireless in supporting their children, but that doesn’t mean that they easily translate the accommodations students have at school to the home. Schools naturally lend themselves to structure and are built on professional relationships whereas homes often have an element of chaos as families balance academics, extra curriculars, jobs and basic functioning. Creating a program for success at home can be just as valuable as having an IEP or 504 in a school building.

Home Strategies Programs include the following:


  • A home goals survey to complete prior to meeting & review of current IEP and evaluations to better target recommendations.
  • Discussion of what kinds of tools your child can use to be successful at home and how you can create helpful structures for them in a sustainable manner.
  • Write up of clear steps to execute on a plan to make life easier for both you and your child.
  • Up to three resources developed specifically to support your child. The might include check-lists, calendars, incentive plans, routines or anything else that will support you both.

Other services

  • One page summary of IEP for easy reference by teachers in the classroom
  • Participation in CSE meetings
  • Subsequent consultations to incorporate new testing or in preparation for annual review meeting

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