Accommodations Consultations

All Consults Include:

  • Review of documents including IEPs, evaluations, QEEGs, narrative reports, etc.
  • Collaborative meeting time with Jenna, caretaker(s) and – if you like – the student.
  • The Learning Link Report: A detailed write up of all terms and accommodations discussed at the collaborative meeting
  • A period for families to review.


In Depth


  • Review of any documentation from the previous 3 years
  • Two hours live.
  • Two week editing window
  • One page IEP summary included
  • Best for complex situations or extensive new information.



  • Review of up to 3 documents
  • One and a half hours live.
  • One week editing window
  • Ideal for students who have a 504 or discrete areas of support that need problem solving



  • Review of 1-2 new documents.
  • One hour live.
  • One week editing window
  • Designed for families that have a relationship with the Learning Link to engage yearly and update documentation.

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Add on Options

In conjunction with any Accommodations Consultation, add the following at a discounted rate:

Participation in an IEP Meeting: $200 + travel reimbursement if relevant

Home Strategies Program: $250

Home Strategies program


  • Survey to understand your goals
  • One and a half hours live
  • One week editing window
  • Detailed write up of all recommendations including up to 3 personalized systems and
    accompanying documents (check lists, routines, incentives plans, etc).

A la carte services

Participation in IEP Meeting: $250 + travel reimbursement if relevant

One Page IEP Summary: $125

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