Home Strategies Plan

All of the parents I work with are tireless in supporting their children, but that doesn’t mean that they easily translate the accommodations students have at school to the home.  Schools naturally lend themselves to structure and are built on professional relationships whereas homes often have an element of chaos as families balance academics, extra curriculars, jobs and basic functioning.  Creating a program for success at home can be just as valuable as having an IEP or 504 in a school building. 

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THE Challenge

The challenges of supporting students at home can be many; sometimes parents aren’t sure how to help, and other times they don’t know how to do so in a way that feels sustainable for everyone involved.  Setting aside time to approach life at home with the same mindfulness that goes into plans for school can make a huge difference in a child’s overall success.  Similarly, identifying – and at times creating – environmental supports take some of the load off of parents by providing reminders, structure, and prompts for children to problem solve.

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Working as a team

We help parents identify ways that they can reinforce the work children are doing at school with a parallel set of systems for home.  We work together to find or create strategies that feel manageable and that can shift with your family. 

Home strategies programs include the following:

  • A home goals survey to complete prior to meeting & review of current IEP and evaluations to better target recommendations.
  • Discussion of what kinds of tools your child can use to be successful at home and how you can create helpful structures for them in a sustainable manner.
  • Write up of clear steps to execute on a plan to make life easier for both you and your child.
  • Up to three resources developed specifically to support your child.  The might include check-lists, calendars, incentive plans, routines or anything else that will support you both.

Your child would benefit from a Home Strategies Program if…

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  • …there are predictable pain points for you and them that you haven’t yet figured out how to avoid.  
  • …you can point to specific strategies that work well for your child in school, but can’t figure out how to bring them home.  
  • …your child is ready for more independence, but needs support to achieve it. 
  • …there are life skills that your child needs to work on to achieve their full potential.  
  • …issues such as time management or memory come up often and cause stress in your household.

Ready to take the next step?

Case Studies of Home Strategies Programs

As you read about the students below, you will notice that all of our consultations seek to arm you with knowledge and options. Here’s how we do it.

  • Meet Everyone Where They Are: We know that every kid and every parent is different.  Though we understand the theory behind research-based  best practices, we also understand that the true best practice is one that is possible.
  • Set Clear Goals: Often it’s difficult to know what improvement looks like when goals are tied to soft skills like time management, organization or emotional control.  We help you define measures so that everyone can see progress.  
  • Define Steps to Success: We lay out a step-wise approach to reaching your child’s goals at home.  Ultimately, the goal is independence through gradual release of responsibility. 
  • Arm you with toolsWe’ll either point you towards tools that can help you support your child or we’ll create them.  Each program includes up to 3 individualized resources.