About Jenna



Jenna is a career educator with two masters in education and experience across diverse settings.

As a certified classroom teacher and school building leader with experience overseeing the behavioral and academic interventions in grades six through twelve, Jenna understands the practical challenges that schools need to overcome when supporting diverse learners. In addition, as the founder and director of the executive functioning program at an elite private tutoring company, she has seen hundreds of IEPs, 504s and educational evaluations across dozens of districts and more than a handful of states for students from elementary school through college.

Through all of that work as well as her involvement as a parent in the schools in her community, Jenna has engaged with a wide range of perspectives and developed the ability to communicate clearly with diverse sets of people.


Jenna believes fundamentally in education as a reflective practice. Even as she recognizes that experience is an incredible teacher, she knows that engaging in formal learning makes her a more powerful resource for anyone she has the privilege of working with. Because she wants to be able to help any student that she comes into contact with, she completed the coursework to become a certified special educator on top of the degrees she earned early in her career. Jenna consistently attends workshops & webinars and plans her  professional reading list at the start of each calendar year. She collaborates with teachers, psychologists and social workers regularly. And, in the end, her true passion is children. She does all of this because she tirelessly supports children, and that dedication weaves its way through every aspect of her life.


Jenna takes a strengths-based approach to her work with students. She understands that all students want to be successful and that any behavior which suggests otherwise is masking fear, exhaustion or frustration. She earned both of her masters in education through experiential programs that relied on action-research and building extensive portfolios for differentiated instruction. Jenna has either tutored or taught every major high school subject and understands the different approaches to material that students must develop for success across content areas. Similarly, as someone who has worked with a variety of learners including those with ADHD, SLD, anxiety, and processing disorders, Jenna knows that multi-modal and differentiated instruction is the only way to reach every student in a classroom. Throughout her career, Jenna has been a resource for other educators who recognize the need to take a creative approach to helping their students achieve, and she enjoys bringing that creativity to students’ understanding of their own abilities.

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