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After talking with Jenna, I had a better understanding of what an IEP is, why it’s worth pursuing for my daughter, and the steps I need to take to get one in place. Having Jenna as I tackle this process, and as I run into more questions, is invaluable as she provides the insight and clarification that I need along the way. Jenna has helped my daughter succeed by giving me the tools and the language that I need to communicate with the school from now (3rd grade) until graduation. I can’t imagine trying to do this on my own without her!


Mom to 2 girls 9 & 5

Jenna is a devoted educator, in every sense. She supports students, their families, and other educators who are trying to navigate complicated and often confusing systems. I have watched Jenna advocate tirelessly, for me as well as for our coworkers and for her students. Even more profoundly, though, I have learned from her how to advocate for myself, professionally and academically, and for my own children.

Yvonne Reddick

Former colleague, currently a nursing student & mother of two young children

Jenna fights for every child she meets, and you couldn’t have a better person on your team than her. I identified Jenna’s passion for supporting diverse learners almost as soon as I met her! By her second year of teaching, she coordinated our Promotional Review Committee (PRC) which tracks data for all students in our 6-12 school, identifies our most at-risk students, and develops academic plans to support those students. She is clear thinking and keeps focused on the goal at hand. In her capacities as the PRC coordinator, leader for the differentiation collaborative team, a lead grade-level advisor, member of the special education support team and middle & high school Spanish, History and Humanities teacher, Jenna always ran meetings with direction and a clear goal. Throughout her time at ICE, Jenna consistently initiated and completed projects that improved the academic and social support for our students. In fact, we asked Jenna to take on teaching new subject areas so that she could continue to work with the students who most needed her engaging and well-differentiated instruction.

John Pettinato

Founding Principal of the Institute for Collaborative Education (ICE)

Jenna worked with two of my sons, and I’m hoping she’ll work with the third!

She approached each kid differently, clearly tailoring her advice and style to their personalities and needs. She was also flexible and fair when it came to scheduling and always communicative with me. She helped keep my boys calm during the entire process.

Tracy Greenberg

Mom to 3 high school boys

I had the fortune of being Jenna’s student teacher. Throughout my time in Jenna’s classroom, I witnessed her dedication both to her craft as an educator and to ensuring the success of each student. Jenna brings warmth, creativity, and an overall can-do attitude into her lessons and interactions with students. It is truly a winning combination that would be an asset to any family advocating for their child.

Katie Russo

Student teacher

Jenna is an expert when it comes to schools and advocacy, and also a total joy to work with! Over the last five years she has taught me so, so much about supporting students, navigating school systems, and making families feel heard. She’s one of the most knowledgeable and kind people you could hope to have in your child’s corner.

Kelsey Burns

Executive functioning coach and colleague

Jenna is a mentor to me. She has a very welcoming approach to parents and their children. She is always responsive and has taught me everything I know about reviewing and understanding IEP’s, 504’s and educational psychological evaluations. Fully believing in the work that she practices, Jenna makes the learning experience attractive for all students and extremely enjoyable. She walks with parents and students step-by-step through the journey to attain desired academic results and excellent outcomes! Treating all students autonomously, Jenna takes her time getting to know strengths and needs, making each experience personable.

Melanie Barovick

Licensed Social Worker and Colleague

I’ve worked in education with Jenna for 15 years. To date, she is one of the most committed, determined, never-give-up educators I’ve ever had the pleasure of working alongside of. Jenna has a gift for getting to know her students and their families well so that she can fully understand the strengths and challenges that each individual student brings with them. Seeing students as whole people, Jenna is determined to identify resources and supports to help her students succeed.

Sarah Marcy

Principal, Bronx Lab School

For years I have tried to help my child consistently succeed in school and kept coming across the same roadblocks. I finally made the decision to hire someone and was lucky enough to meet Jenna Prada! Jenna gave us hope and was able to teach my child how to organize and plan school work in a way that made him feel successful and in control. The more successful he felt the more motivated he became. Jenna has been there every step of the way cultivating a specific plan that worked for my child and was always there offering a new solution if something did not work for him. I believe the skills that Jenna is teaching my child will benefit him for a lifetime.


Mom to sophomore boy

When I was 16 and in the 10th grade, I was struggling unbelievably in school. I was never a fan of teachers communicating with my parents instead of me, I was cutting class and falling behind, in danger of being held back. My home room teacher (advisor as we called them) was little to no help in getting myself back on track, in fact she mocked me when I tried to come up with a plan making some comment about how she didn’t want to hear a plan. I walked into Jenna’s room, she was my Spanish teacher at the time, and I asked her if she would be my new advisor. I told her I wanted to be the one who was communicated with directly by all of my teachers about missing homework or assignments. I then told each teacher that Jenna was my new advisor.

Jenna was the first teacher I had in high school who helped me organize myself in any serious fashion. She sat down with me and we went over everything I was missing, as well as all the work I had coming up and made a week-by-week plan going over exactly what I needed to do. I went from almost being held back to not even needing to attend summer school. I got one of two passing grades for the entire grade on the first draft of our largest paper of the year, and managed to turn the entire year around.

Jenna was an absolutely fantastic teacher, she spoke to me and treated me exactly how I asked to be spoken and treated. She is an incredible educator who cares deeply for her students and went the extra mile for me every step of the way.

Seth Zanutto

Former student

Supporting students – particularly those with unique educational needs – requires dedicated care, intelligence, and creativity. Jenna PRada embodies all of those qualities at the highest level of expertise. She has been a true gift to countless families and students navigating academic challenges, including mine.

Lindsay S.

Colleague and Parent of Two

I will never forget the day Jenna turned around in our master’s of education ‘Classroom Management’ class to say, “You should apply to work at my school…seriously, we need to rebuild our math department & curriculum.”  I have been there ever since — & ever-grateful for the colleague, teacher, PD leader, mom, mentor, & friend I found in Jenna. 

Jenna & I initially connected over our shared conviction that all children need space to develop their personal strengths — as well as a true advocate to help them. 

Now, as a mom of three (aged 13, 10, & 2) & a teacher with 15 years years of experience in NYC, I can still connect with Jenna over children, ideas, strategies, & our hopes for the world.  She is an incredible resource, even as she is building me up or complimenting me in some way — as is her genuine custom. 


Jenna works equally as well with professors, other colleagues, school administration, parents, & students. She excels at raising each individual voice as well as their level of learning. She believes all children can learn — whether it’s spanish, math, dance, or how to read/share/tie their shoes — & is willing to teach whatever they need, bringing each‘s ideas & strengths forward.

Patty Fox

Former colleague and mom of 3 girls