Webinar: Using EEG As A Tool to Enhance Student Experience in School



Brain imaging eeg

I’m honored to be offering educational expertise in a joint webinar with Angelika Sadar, MA, BCN, BCN-HRV – Executive Director of the North East Region Biofeedback Society and owner of Sadar Psychological Services & BrainARC – on Friday, May 21st at 2:00 pm EST.  

For many of our school-aged clients, the qEEG data is collected to enhance the neurofeedback training; however, this data can be utilized well beyond the application to neurofeedback to enhance other aspects of the child’s environment.  More often than not, academic performance is a principle concern when parents seek an evaluation for their children and they look to us for expertise that occasionally feels beyond our scope.  Join in for a discussion about how we can use EEG data to further educational goals that parents have for their children.  We’ll use a case study to make clear what information you can provide in your reports to most aid families in their quest for a positive school experience and will share concrete advice that you can pass on to families to facilitate interactions with schools in regards to IEP and 504 plans.

This webinar is geared toward mental health providers.  Attendees will learn to:

1. Describe four diagnoses that make students eligible for IEP or 504 accommodations.

2. Explain how a neurologist’s consultation report is related to what a school needs to provide an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) for a student.

3. List 3 details that can be extracted from a functional EEG report that contribute to an understanding of a student’s attention.

4. Explain initial steps you can encourage clients to take in order to secure accommodations.

5. Describe the difference between performance and that which is measured by the EEG.

I’d love to see you there!  Register now

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