NRBS 2022 Conference: Beyond the Classroom



NRBS 2022 Conference Beyond the Classroom Speakers

I’m very excited to be presenting the opening lecture at the NRBS 2022 Conference: Beyond the Classroom. The conference runs from Friday, January 21- Saturday, January 22.

Biofeedback, neurofeedback, and related techniques offer proven, evidence-based approaches for improving attention/concentration and enhancing one’s ability to regulate arousal and maximize learning and performance.
This year’s NRBS Conference will present and discuss information and techniques that will be relevant to students, teachers, parents, and treatment providers. The Conference aims to share information that can be used to augment the learning experience across a variety of ages and settings.

The 2022 NRBS Conference includes conversations about neurofeedback and somatic experiences in school, the impact of wifi on our brains, how the Polyvagal Theory relates to the daily lives of students and how we can use biofeedback to improve student health.

Register now for this important look into how to optimize the educational process and to help our students learn self-regulation via biofeedback techniques.

Join Jenna at this Informative conference

Psychologists who work with children are often in a position to recommend interventions for home and school which are meant to support the work they do with their clients in the office.  However, some knowledge of school systems and the kinds of interventions that are possible within them is necessary for the recommendations to have an impact, and so I am honored to bring the educators’ perspective to the NRBS 2022 Conference

In this workshop Alexandra Linardakis BSN of TetraNeuroNet and I will bring our differing perspectives to a conversation about the role that somatic regulation can play in the school setting.  We will share case studies from each of our practices with an emphasis on how our unique professional backgrounds give us varied tools to support children in grades k-12, making clear that the best way to help our clients is often to encourage a team-building approach between mental health providers, parents and schools. We will leave attendees with ideas for somatic accommodations that can be implemented in the school setting.   This workshop will provide concrete tools for biofeedback professionals, educators and parents who are interested in bringing somatic regulation to schools.  

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