October: Raising Awareness Through Webinars



Let us Help Your Child get the attention they deserve!

October is ADHD awareness month! Did you know that up to two thirds of people with ADHD also have mood disorders and nearly half of people with ADHD also have a learning disability? This fact makes it all the more important for parents and teachers to understand the learning profiles of students with ADHD.

But wait! October is also dyslexia awareness, down syndrome awareness, disability history, and special needs law month! And no, we’re not done yet. October 13-19 is both international OCD awareness week and invisible disabilities week. It’s only in the past 50 years that legislators codified the rights of children with disabilities to have full access to the curriculum. We know that you’re not doing advocating for the promise of special education!

The Learning Link’s Contribution

In an effort to do our part in raising awareness of the diverse needs of students with all of those disabilities and to help educators and parents know how they can support children with disabilities, the Learning Link is offering a speaking promo for this month. When you book your 2021 speaking engagement before the end of October, Jenna will to speak to your PTA, professional development or disability support group for free or at a deeply discounted rate:

30 minute presentations – complementary weekdays between the hours of 10 AM and 3 PM EST or $75 any other time.

Ask about October promo pricing for longer presentations. You can see Jenna in action at Private Prep.

Topic Ideas

We’re sure there’s a Learning Link topic that your organization would love to know more about. Below are a few of our ideas, but we’re also open to yours.

  • Sensory regulation for ADHD subtypes
  • The Motivation Equation: How to Make it Work for You
  • Top General Education Accommodations for High Incidence Disabilities
  • Top Resource Room Accommodations for High Incidence Disabilities
  • Home-School Connection for Students with IEPs or 504s
  • How to Support Executive Functioning at Home
  • Environmental Supports for Focus and Time Management
  • Special Education Basics: Laws & Terms
  • Positive Parenting

Contact us now to decide what topic will be most helpful to you and to reserve a time for your organization.

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