Systemic Supports for Student with Autism


Caroline is a third grader diagnosed with Kabuki Syndrome with previous diagnosis of ASD and anxiety.  She is intellectually capable and, in fact, has proven to be an advanced reader, but needs one-on-one support to remain focused and to persist when presented with non-preferred tasks.  Emotional regulation is a significant challenge for Caroline.  At the time of her consultation with the Learning Link, Caroline was in a math support class, had a positive behavioral intervention plan & received nebulous services from the Autistic Support Center.  She wasn’t at her home elementary school, and her mother described many of the accommodations on her IEP as “cookie cutter.”  Our work together resulted in the following:

  • The realization that Caroline’s general education teacher could shift the daily schedule so that Caroline could participate in math support without missing science and social studies classes.
  • Equipping Caroline’s mom to propose a systematic response to support Caroline when she becomes disregulated so that any teacher can respond well to those situations when she starts middle school next year. 
  • Clarity around how volume modifications could be provided to Caroline so that her slow processing speed doesn’t lead to additional hours of work outside of the school day.
  • Prior to the consultation the district determined that Caroline’s aide was “too close to her” and removed the aide from the classroom.  To that end, we confirmed that the district does offer a co-teaching model, and clarity around the supports that model could offer for Caroline.
  • Recommendation of assistive technology that was previously unknown to Caroline’s parents.

Note: All student and parent names are changed to protect their privacy.