Multi-Modal Learner at Private School


Conor is an 8th grade boy attending Catholic school who recently began to complain that school is boring.  Up until this year he’s done exceptionally well, but his parents have noticed a drop in his grades.  A QEEG led to his being diagnosed with ADHD (due to central mu) and Generalized Anxiety Disorder; it also raised quesitons about his auditory processing.  Connor’s parents were confident the school would cooperate with recommendations to maximize his learning and met with a Learning Link consultant to better understand what kinds of accommodations they could request.  The consult resulted in the following:

  • Concrete ideas for how Connor might use break time to activate his focus so he can engage in learning.
  • Multiple proposals to accommodate Connor’s executive functioning deficits – common manifestations for students with ADHD – so that his disorganization does not preclude his success.
  • Multi-modal approaches to compensating for the auditory processing issues that the QEEG identified. 

Note: All student and parent names are changed to protect their privacy.